Instrumentation - Maxicorr
Instrumentation - MaxicorrThe EuropCorr® MaxiCorr meter is a handheld corrosion meter designed to measure corrosion rate in both conductive as well as non conductive media. The MaxiCorr meter incorporates two techniques “Linear Polarisation Resistance (ER) & Electrical Resistance (LPR)” 
Instrumentation - Maxicorr



The EuropCorr® MaxiCorr meter is a handheld corrosion meter designed to measure corrosion rate in both conductive liquids as well as in non conductive media. The MaxiCorr meter incorporates two techniques "Electrical Resistance (ER) & Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR)"

ER measurement: relies on the direct measurement of the electrical resistance of a probe that employs a sensing element made of the same metal as the pipeline or structure monitored; the sensing element is produced with form of wire, strip or tube. The cross-sectional area of the sensing element decreases if corrosion occurs, and its electric resistance increases according to Ohm.
The MaxiCorr performs a convergent autorange algorithm that can find quickly the best scale of measure. A single MaxiCorr can be used to measure an unlimited number of probes installed at different locations of the system. Each Probe can be distinguished by a unique TAG number & alphanumeric 14 characters description and measures are memorised in a non-volatile memory. The MaxiCorr is simple to operate, set TAG number and push the Measure key, the instrument will give a corrosion rate reading and automatically memorises data; collect data from Field Unit's; upload settings to Field Unit's or upload data to Terminal PC acting as a portable data logger and Terminal.

LPR measurement: relies on the measurement of the electrical resistance of the corroding electrode-electrolyte interface. The polarization resistance is measured as the ratio of the applied DC potential to the flowing current and is constant over a small range (<20mV).

Capable of interrogating and storing data from both data loggers and to make direct measurement from ER, LPR, POL probes, stored data directly download to computer, functions according to specific orders.
Direct digital readout of corrosion & corrosion rates with AUTOMATIC scale selection
Set Mode: Automatic (timed measuring with autostore) or Manual (key-press measuring)
Fully programmable Cycle interval from 1 for minute to 1 for week in steps of minutes
Friend use, software controlled, full menu driven, readings of the probe upon simple commands
Set Display out: micron or mils - micron/y or mils/y.
Set excitation current: Anodic or Cathodic
Mode MaxiCorr Terminal for Upload/Download & exchange data with other devices
Battery duration: 14 hours continuous operating or 1000 measures or 200days in autostore.
Connecting cable: 1.5 mt in coil form.
Complete with carrying case and all necessary leads.