EuropCorr is a company specialized in design, manufacturing, sales and consultancy of corrosion monitoring systems mainly for petrochemical, oil and gas industry. Our technical experts have over 30 years experience in corrosion technology, providing comprehensive corrosion management solutions.
Company’s Quality Management System is certified and comply to EN ISO 9001: 2015 Certification.

EuropCorr’s activities and product range:
- Corrosion and material engineering
- Corrosion monitoring devices
- Corrosion monitoring instrumentation and software
- Chemical injection/sampling equipment
- Inspection and data management
- Corrosion site surveys
- Failure Analysis
- Laboratory testing
- Field monitoring and inspection services
- Training courses

EuropCorr’s concept is to combine a scientific approach with practical solutions. We have an extensive knowledge about materials and their behaviour, monitoring and inspection methods, as well as instrumentation and information technology. We also work closely with our clients in technology development, in field services, data management and in planning of inspection and monitoring programs. We are rapidly growing, expanding our presence into new areas, and continually providing our clients the highest level of products and services.

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