Corrosion Coupon Holder
Corrosion Coupon HolderEuropCorr® offers a wide range of coupon holders which are specially made to hold different type of coupons specially designed to study the corrosion and erosion behaviour in pipelines and vessels.
Corrosion Coupon Holder
Corrosion Coupon Holder

EuropCorr® offers a wide range of coupon holders which are specially made to hold different type of coupons specially designed to study the corrosion and erosion behaviour in pipelines and vessels.
EuropCorr® manufactures the following type of coupon holders:

Strip coupon holder: the most common configuration of coupon holders, are designed to suspend a pair of 3” and 6” strip coupon or scale coupon in a specific area to be monitored in the pipe or vessel. The coupon holder is attached to the bottom of the solid plug. The holder replaces the solid plug nut on the solid plug, retaining the primary packing as well as holding the coupons in the desired monitoring position. With the use of the access fitting, retriever and service valve, the strip coupon holder allows for easy, rapid changing of coupons without system shutdown. Ideal for locations where pigging or flow disturbance is not a concern, strip coupon holders can be mounted to allow for monitoring at top, middle or bottom of line positions or in liquid trap assemblies. Coupons are isolated from the coupon holder by insulating material supplied with the coupons. The strip coupon holder is supplied complete with mounting hardware.

Ladder coupon holder: specifically designed to be used in larger pipelines where corrosion conditions cannot be adequately monitored by a single pair of coupons. Ladder coupon holders typically hold two or three pairs of coupons, it is usually recommended to monitor corrosion simultaneously at three different positions, top, middle and bottom of the pipe or vessel monitored. While monitoring the pipeline, the ladder coupon can hold six strip coupons ( three pairs ) from a single access fitting point.

Fixed and adjustable disc coupon holders: the advantages of using disc coupons as monitoring devices are the following:
- no need to orient coupons in relation to flow direction
- offer more exposed surface at the pipeline wall
- allow pigging operations without interference
The disc coupon holder assembly is available in two configurations: adjustable and fixed flush / projecting disc coupon holder. The adjustable disc coupon holder is available for different access fitting sizes, it is designed with an adjustable stem which matches with outer support housing to suit the pipeline size and preferred location of the coupon. The fixed flush and projecting disc coupon holder come in pre-determined sizes depending on the position required for monitoring.

Multiple disc coupon holder: offers the same advantages as standard disc coupon holders, with the added following advantage: 
- inherent orientation parallel to the flow
- better surface area given level
- more quantity and variety of coupon material permissible per fitting
- multiphase monitoring

Multiphase monitoring becomes important in a system where line conditions may promote non-uniform corrosion rates. It is available for pipes over 6” diameters.
Multiple disc coupon holders are supplied complete with viton o-rings and PTFE spacers. The O-ring insulates the coupon from the holder and the spacers insulate the coupons from each other while providing the correct orientation of the coupon in the line.

Bio coupon holder: Bacterial activity is a common source of corrosion problems. A wide range of bacteria such as Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB), cause a variety of corrosion types and mechanisms. Monitoring of bacterial activity is required for understanding and evaluating the possibility of bacteria induced corrosion, and to control bacterial activity by e.g. biocides. The bio coupon assembly is a simple and common tool for monitoring bacterial activity. The bio coupon assembly comprises a housing with 5 small coupons directly exposed to the internal environment of the pipes or vessels. The assembly is mounted on a bio coupon holder and retrieved at fixed intervals.